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There are lots of ways to get our music. You can buy a CD from CDBaby or Perris Records, you can download our songs on Limewire, or most anywhere if you are fairly tech savvy - you can get all of it for free if you really try. Please remember we do make part of our living selling our music, so if you like our music, we'd really appreciate it if you would buy it. If you feel uncomfortable with buying MP3's directly from us, by all means head on over to iTunes. The MP3's available here are 192k high quality and are copy-protection free, meaning you can play them on any device and as many devices or computers you want. If you really can't afford it and do get some of our music for free from somewhere else, please forward and share with ALL of your friends! As soon as you check out via PayPal, you will be emailed a link to download your purchase from - easy! If you have any trouble with our store you can email us.

Stick It! Play Price BUY
[ Full Album ] $10.00
By the Balls $1.00
Hot on Your Heels $1.00
Crush $1.00
Big Bang Boom $1.00
All Tied Up $1.00
Fools Confession $1.00
Slow To Blow $1.00
Nowhere At All $1.00
Play Me Like A Rhythm $1.00
Thousand Thank Yous $1.00
Weeds and Roses $1.00
About Women $1.00
Funny Money - Reissue Play Price BUY
[ Full Album ] $10.00
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