Dean Tracking Solos

December 10, 2009 by  

Hey all! Here’s a video of Mark and I re-recording the solo to my tune “Paradise” – again. The original version of it, which is available on the Sampler CD’s that have been sold up until now, is very close to this one (or vice versa), I did change one little section in the middle. This should be the final version of it…

As you can see, the recording process goes soooo smoothly… I tend to prepare my solo’s ahead of time, for the most part, but occasionally will wing it, hoping for happy accidents. Obviously, if I don’t like the results, no one but Mark and I will hear them, so consider yourself “special”, hahahaha! We’re also working on the new FM record, with several tracks pretty much done-we’re currently playing two of these live: “When Love Plays Dead” and “Die Hard”. We’ll see you all in the trail! Peace-D!C!/FM


November 26, 2008 by  

Hello all!

I thought that I’d drop you a note, after getting settled into my new home, that being FM, of course. Yes, I’ve returned and glad to be back! It’s been several years and I’ve been through numerous musical endeavors-some successful, some not so successful (hopefully not of my doing!). About a year ago, Mark and I got back in touch, in a parking lot in Leesburg and talked about Rush (there’s a little more, but that’s the nutshell version). Being aware that I was beginning the process of recording a disc of my tunes, he fully offered his assistance & resources, to which I said, “Yes!” to. He even suggested that he’ll sit there and turn the knobs, with his mouth shut, if that was desired, but I knew better-he’s got a good set of ears on him! Things rolled along and we “reconnected” in the process. I’ve always had a fun time hanging with him (that’s a non-gay kind of comment…not that there’s anything wrong with that…), so that was a big plus to the fact that the music was sounding great. He liked the idea of playing bass on the tunes…he’s a bassist…so that was “no brainer”. Still, things rolled along…

Fast forward…no, further than that… Coming to the end of another recording session, Mark fills me in on situation with Rob’s departure and offers up the idea of my filling the vacancy. After a couple of phone calls among all of us, things were a go. My¬†first show was on Nov 15th at an old haunt, Fat Daddy’s in York, PA (there’s pix posted elsewhere on our site and on our Flickr site-check ’em out!). Since then, it’s been quite enjoyable to be out there rocking with my friends, on and off stage, as well as starting to catch up with my FM friends & supporters.

We are currently working on a new FM record, which we hope to unleash up your ears…and receive a overwhelming “YIPPEE!” for. Also keep an eye out for another block of tunes from my solo CD to be released soon. If you wish to contact me directly, please drop a line to: dean [at]

I truly hope to see you front & center at an FM show in the near future!