My Dad’s Calling – Gotta Go Home

September 29, 2008 by  

hi folks,

i am so happy to have had the chance to spend the last 5 years as part of the FM family. yes, it’s been 5 years – and yes IT IS a FAMILY through and through from the band and its players and crew to the fans in the clubs and beyond.

so – why am i writing this?

well, the time has come where my FM family happiness turns to a reflective kind of sadness as i realize that it is time for me to say goodbye. my last show with FM will be on 11/8. and after that, FM will turn a new page into the next chapter of its unique brand of music, fun and frolic-o-holic good times.

[is it me or does this seem like some kind of weird political speech? i’ve been watching too much presidential politics i guess!!]

so, why am i leaving? to be concise about it… my OTHER family calls!! my family responsibilities and stuff have grown recently as we have added another mouth to feed, butt to wipe, tears to dry, games to cheer, bus to make, homework to do… you get the idea.

his name is JACK and he likes tractors.

Tractor Jack!

Tractor Jack Galpin!

so yeah… my last FM gig will be 11/8 – i hope you can come out and harrass me sometime before that.

my stuff with the baby is too much to do with FM crazy weekends every week. gotta make a break for it.

wanted to let you know – hope to see ya soon.