Dean Tracking Solos

December 10, 2009 by  

Hey all! Here’s a video of Mark and I re-recording the solo to my tune “Paradise” – again. The original version of it, which is available on the Sampler CD’s that have been sold up until now, is very close to this one (or vice versa), I did change one little section in the middle. This should be the final version of it…

As you can see, the recording process goes soooo smoothly… I tend to prepare my solo’s ahead of time, for the most part, but occasionally will wing it, hoping for happy accidents. Obviously, if I don’t like the results, no one but Mark and I will hear them, so consider yourself “special”, hahahaha! We’re also working on the new FM record, with several tracks pretty much done-we’re currently playing two of these live: “When Love Plays Dead” and “Die Hard”. We’ll see you all in the trail! Peace-D!C!/FM

New Song Posted!

December 10, 2009 by  

This is a live version of the infamous but never recorded Masturbation Song. We tried to record it once in the studio, but a studio version felt a little to serious for the subject matter so we decided to try to capture it live when it is most¬†likely to be most entertaining – for us anyway…and here is the result.¬†It was recorded live at Fat Daddy’s in York, PA on 12/4/09. If you want to download it, we bet you can find it online somewhere. If not, you can listen here all you want. Enjoy!

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