December 18, 2008 by  

Yeah we have to update the schedule, I know! We’re booked solid after the second week in January and I’m looking at this long list Steve sent me and I’m kinda procrastinating.

Dean’s not a guy to toot his own horn so I’ll do it for him. Usually guys like us like to keep that sort of thing “in the closet” but hey, if we could all toot our own horns we’d never leave home! (wacka wacka).

So Dean entered a contest and won an effects pedal from a company called Modtone. Kewl right? Well not as kewl as trying the pedal out and actually liking it, then having the pedal maker actually check out your music and your projects and give you the big E as they did for Dean. Very nice of them! Check them out, check out Dean’s artist page over there, and if you’re in the market for a pedal or two, know that it’s good quality stuff and sounds great!

Dean Cramer at Modtone Effects

If you’ve been watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew lately, you’ll notice a particular notorious drummer guy on there is rather smartly dressed each episode in some rather snappy looking pants and shirts. Marc Vachon is the designer and he makes clothes, very kewl clothes, for very kewl people – and he’ll even make a few threads for guys who aren’t as kewl as Slash, or Duff, or Weiland, or Jacoby – or even Ronnie and Brian, and even use a picture or two. Check out his web site, and search for his name on eBay for some great deals – Marc Vachon – “worn by the fine since 1999.”

Mark Schenker at Marc Vachon

We say Merry Christmas! And we mean it!