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Hello all!

I thought that I’d drop you a note, after getting settled into my new home, that being FM, of course. Yes, I’ve returned and glad to be back! It’s been several years and I’ve been through numerous musical endeavors-some successful, some not so successful (hopefully not of my doing!). About a year ago, Mark and I got back in touch, in a parking lot in Leesburg and talked about Rush (there’s a little more, but that’s the nutshell version). Being aware that I was beginning the process of recording a disc of my tunes, he fully offered his assistance & resources, to which I said, “Yes!” to. He even suggested that he’ll sit there and turn the knobs, with his mouth shut, if that was desired, but I knew better-he’s got a good set of ears on him! Things rolled along and we “reconnected” in the process. I’ve always had a fun time hanging with him (that’s a non-gay kind of comment…not that there’s anything wrong with that…), so that was a big plus to the fact that the music was sounding great. He liked the idea of playing bass on the tunes…he’s a bassist…so that was “no brainer”. Still, things rolled along…

Fast forward…no, further than that… Coming to the end of another recording session, Mark fills me in on situation with Rob’s departure and offers up the idea of my filling the vacancy. After a couple of phone calls among all of us, things were a go. My first show was on Nov 15th at an old haunt, Fat Daddy’s in York, PA (there’s pix posted elsewhere on our site and on our Flickr site-check ’em out!). Since then, it’s been quite enjoyable to be out there rocking with my friends, on and off stage, as well as starting to catch up with my FM friends & supporters.

We are currently working on a new FM record, which we hope to unleash up your ears…and receive a overwhelming “YIPPEE!” for. Also keep an eye out for another block of tunes from my solo CD to be released soon. If you wish to contact me directly, please drop a line to: dean [at]

I truly hope to see you front & center at an FM show in the near future!


Last Call for Rob!

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Well, we’re sorry to see it. It’s the end of another era. We’ll miss our dear friend week after week. I’ll still see him every day at work so in the future, if you have anything for him, like say money, whiskey or jellies, jams cakes and pies, just give the goods to me and I’ll pass it along. The money prolly won’t make it all the way to him tho, I gotta be honest, while I’m being crooked.

Last gig with FM 11/08/08

Last gig with FM 11/08/08

We had a great time and there was a full house at Sweet Caroline’s in wonderful Winchester, VA. We drank and played sloppy. Well, I didn’t drink, cuz I don’t- but I played sloppy, cuz I do sometimes – see intro to Sickness X-1, right Jimmy? First ever DO OVER !! Let’s have a couple of those next week on Dean’s first day back to throw him a curve ball or two. Just one or two random stops and then – DO OVER! We packed the place so well, the owner was even happy. And owners are hardly ever happy. A drunk guy fell on my pedals and triggered some random bombs. He was happy.

...and the fans go wild for him one last time!

...and the fans go wild for him one last time!

Rob gave a nice heartfelt thanks from the stage to his wife Heather for watching the kids every Saturday night for the past five years. (All the girls sigh in unison now ready? Awwwwww!) Steve gave a speech. We all cried and felt very gay. We spent the last bit of dressing room idiocy we had left with Rob in the ‘dressing room’ type we love so much and see way too often – the kitchen! With the freezers buzzing away busy doing all their freezin’ stuff, the giant jars of mayo staring back at us, listening to all our dumbass jokes that only a mayo jar would laugh at. I don’t know about Steve and Jimmy, but I was very aware that it was ‘the last time’ to be in the little clubhouse that we build each week with Rob. Unfortunately, Rob was just plain unaware! He had a few, Gene lined up four shots of an appropriate whiskey named Jack on his amp and then something happened to them. On Sunday, had a really tough time remembering if he was a blithering idiot or not. He even had to call me and ask!

Rob and Gene - outed by the paparazzi! (all pics by Kosta Tzamalis)

Rob and Gene - outed by the paparazzi! (all pics by Kosta Tzamalis)

Jason Jam ’08 a Success!

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Thanks to everyone who could make it out, including Ronnie and Steve. Especially thanks to Steve for joining Rob, Mark, Ronnie and I for some KIX songs to close the show. Even though Steve didn’t have his usual prep time to warm up, he sacrificed himself for the spirit of the Jam!

We raised over $1700 for the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland in my brother Jason’s name. If you didn’t make it this year, you missed a great jam with some really great bands – do try to make it next year.

Here’s the set list Rob, Mark, Jim Foltz and I performed:

Houses Of The Holy – Led Zeppelin
Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Waiting On The Bus – ZZ Top (with Ronnie Younkins joining us)
Jesus Just Left Chicago – ZZ Top (with Ronnie)
Toys In The Attic – Aerosmith (with Ronnie)
Pinball Wizard – The Who
The Real Me – The Who
Space Truckin – Deep Purple

Ronnie and Steve then joined us for a grand finale of a few KIX songs. Check out some video from the Jam.

Houses Of The Holy:

The Real Me:

Space Truckin: