The Tunes - Back to the Studio

Mark and Dean tracking Slide Guitar Mark and Dean tracking Slide Guitar

Dean and I got together recently, got our waders on and took a walk through a southern swamp to channel Duane Allman for some paranormal inspiration to help us with tracking slide guitar parts to a new Funny Money song called “Right Things To Me.” The other rhythm guitars were already recorded using a ESP baritone guitar, a Randy Rhoades... [Read More]

New songs update! New songs update!

Jimmy and Mark recorded backing vocals this past week for two new songs to be released very soon. They also did some hi-hat fix ups on one song. Look for both songs to be added to the set in the next two weeks! We’re moving steadily forward! Belting out the backing vocals at the McMansion studio. Now this is how you edit Hi-Hats in Pro Tools -... [Read More]

New Material Coming New Material Coming

Yeah back in the studio – this time no recording drums at Mark’s house! We have gone to a real studio – Dragonfly East – to get the drums done better, faster, stronger! See the Featured Video on the right (same as the one below) – it’s long and boring but it tells some of the story of the hard work it takes to make... [Read More]

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